Gaming Box Bulletin 20-11-09

Xbox Live Is Becoming Highway Robbery

A news piece on Microsoft’s intention to partner with the Nielsen ratings to start tracking their Xbox Live “viewership” in a similar manner to which television programs determine their ratings, has raised some eyebrows on Xbox Live service now getting bombarded with ads, the argument posted here revolves around the fact that the Xbox Live service is paid so why target the Xbox 360 customers with ads and over that monitor their activity for business purposes, you can read the article here by Chad Awkerman.

PSN planning to adopt paid subscription model?

During their Media/Investor Conference, Sony hinted that the Playstation Network is getting a new subscription service, it seems Sony is finally realising that they have to catch up to differentiating factors that Xbox 360 currently has in order to bank on sales growth which have shot up by introduction of PS3 Slim and reduction of current PS3 device, you can read this article here by Shui Ta from

Kill the rumor, next GoW will still be an Xbox 360 exclusive

Epic Games boss, Mark Rein said “Gears of War three existed and were to be released in the next four to five years, it would indeed be on this generation of consoles. Note, he never said a multiplatform release, but this the seventh generation of consoles.” read more about this here (Via Gamesthrist)

Mobile phones capable of PS3/Xbox 360 graphics by 2013

Stuart Dredge from has posted an article where according to Qualcomm, “Current chipsets can deliver gaming performance comparable to iPhone 3GS or PlayStation 2, the ones it’s making that’ll appear in phones in 2011-2013 will be capable of Xbox 360 or PS3 performance”, well its a tricky thing to imagine how much can a cell phone handle with the current wave of multimedia and internet connectivity improvements we have seen, portable gaming on cellphones could be fun and a dampner as well, probably it could throw the portable game consoles from Nintendo and Sony out of business if it succeeds.

Potential Modern Warfare 2 Movie in the Works

Gamers are currently drooling over Modern Warfare 2, which has set a record of sorts in the entertainment industry, now another news pops up related to Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series which hints at a COD: Modern Warfare Movie, so are we excited ! well im not really becuase it could well turn out to be a failed attempt of churning a game franchise into a movie series, becuase we all know that COD: Modern Warfare does not ride high on the plot of the game, it’s purely the gameplay and the multiplayer element which is the engaging factor in the game, at least for me Captain “Soap” McTavish is not a cult figure like Lara Croft to get acceptance amongst the movie going audience.

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