Mama-Mia! – Assassins Creed 2 Review

A review by Steven Williamson posted on hexus.gaming has given AC2 a rating of 9/10 so what does AC2 have in store for us, it has being tweaked and following are some lines from the review that sum up the game experience, “AC 2 is less focus on dialogue, overly detailed conversations and long drawn out quests that required boring journeys, compared to AC1

The renaissance setting is made more authentic, Aside from combat sections, it’s a stealthy game that requires thought, planning, but also quick decisions and intuition. In fact it flows nicely between these two styles. short side missions can be exciting and fast-paced

Combat has been enhanced introducing more variety to his moves, including the ability to grab hold of an opponent and throw him, head-butt him or knee him. A variety of new weapons is also available, including the likes of an axe or a hammer.

Money has added a new dimension to the gameplay and also acts as great motivation for you to explore, carry out as many quests as possible and search for collectibles. With money comes power and buying extra weapons from the blacksmith and getting them repaired, or picking up a bigger pouch from the tailor to carry your goodies, or even furnishing your house with the greatest treasures, makes earning money an addictive addition to the game.

Quite simply, Assassin’s Creed II is better than its predecessor. It’s more focused and more streamlined towards your enjoyment, which ultimately makes it absorbing and more fun.”

The game did look promising from the trailers and previews, i am currently playing AC1 so i would really love to finish it fast and lay my hands on AC2 as fast as i can.

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