Finally Discovered my Gamer Type

When i began gaming on console a year and half back i was pretty much excited to try out all kinds of game, i was overwhelmed with the graphical delight of console gaming without worrying too much about the PC configuration i had, so i had purchased almost all popular titles, reading game reviews, watching game play and walk through videos on you tube, watching game trailers, it’s just when my collection started growing and i touched a figure of 30 games in my library 2 months back

I realized that there were some games which i finished up fast and enjoyed playing a lot which were

1) Gears of War 1 and 2
2) John Woo’s Stranglehold
3) X-men Origins: Wolverine
4) Quantum of Solace
5) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: World at War
6) Army of Two
7) Batman Arkham Asylum

Game titles which i had completed/ not completed but did not like playing after some time

1) Iron Man
2) Marvel Ultimate Alliance
3) Mass Effect
4) Jehrico
5) Grid Racer
6) Halo 3 (Yes i am not a Halo fan in spite of owning Xbox 360)
7) Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008
8) Spiderman 3
9) Forza Motor Sport 2

I then recollected some game titles i played on PC like the Punisher game, Max Payne 1 and 2, Tomb Raider Legend, Matrix Path of Neo these games did excite me somehow i could not relate this gaming taste of mine when i started playing on Xbox 360.

I also have a liking for superhero based games but then i learnt that i would have to make careful choices, playing Wolverine was exciting but Iron Man did disappoint me, Spider man 3 was again boring and Marvel Ultimate Alliance got repetitive for me.

i luckily cancelled my Fallout 3 order, becuase i was never going to play a very long game in spite of extremely positive reviews it got, i watched some detailed game-play videos and changed my mind for fallout 3.

So i finally know that i am a Adrenaline seeker while playing games, i just ordered W.E.T game from play-asia and before ordering i did read reviews that it was not so great game, but now i know it’s not just reviews that matter becuase i have a liking for TPS and FPS genre, and games that have less talking and more action even though they are short on campaign, i am not interested wasting my gaming time roaming around in quests, that’s the reason why i did not like games like Mass Effect and even i have not yet completed GTA IV, just becuase i don’t feel like riding around the liberty city on different quests.

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