Who’s sweating out who: YOU Decide

Ironstarmovement posted an article on how PS3 was sweating out Xbox 360 and just a day after the article was posted Gamesthrist has posted a reply to this article by quoting factors that prompted Sony to spring back from it’s long deep sleep, post it got whacked by Microsoft from all departments in retail sales, software sales, online gaming subscriptions.

So is this fanboyism to the next level ? well it’s a circle, while Sony basked in the limelight of supremacy post the time Nintendo disappeared for some time from the gaming scene during the early 90’s, Microsoft slowly came from behind and raced ahead of Sony’s PS3, finally forcing Sony to sell it’s hardware already selling at a loss to be further brought down on price and come out with a slimmer version of the PS3.

Microsoft on the other hand is smart enough to monetize every damn thing associated with Xbox 360, recent bans on modded consoles, third-party storage device, launch of new $100 wireless wi-fi adapater has outraged many Xbox 360 gamers and they are demanding reduction in pricing for Xbox live service, whereas there are rumors that in future Xbox live service may get more expensive, it’s just going to be a rotating cycle of domination in the gaming world of consoles where Nintendo’s Wii enjoyed it’s space of popularity amongst casual gamers, Xbox 360 is probably heading towards a saturation phase, while it’s now time for Sony to re-invent and come back into the reckoning.

It’s finally the gamers who would decide who’s sweating out who, not the companies, post your comments gamers

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