Call of Duty – Can games be too immersive?

Koku Gamer has posted an article on some issues surrounding immersive gaming, it quotes ” Having a controversial topic does not necessarily mean the final product will be immersive.”, which revolves around issues and controversies raised on use of sex and violence in games to make them more immersive, where movies just make you watch these things, in a game you actually control of what you can do, Call of Duty terrorist level has sparked political controversy in UK, the whole GTA series has faced numerous rounds of criticism, what’s your take to this?

Some dude at has completed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in 4:44:23, so he’s pissed off paying a hefty price for a game that lasts for less than 5 hours, he states that normally his gaming time does not extend beyond 2 hours, he completed MW2 on recruit level, well if some one really does not have any other work than playing games, obviously he/she would finish off the game in no time, also COD:  Modern Warfare 1 was also short on single player campaign, do we want US and UK soldiers touring across the world on different missions to make it kinda never ending game? read this article here

Cmon gamer’s comment here on what’s the time you took to complete COD: Modern Warfare 2

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