Call Of Duty: MW2 gets 10/10 from Gaming Bolt

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 reviews are now trickling in from many gaming websites, due for release tomorrow, Gaming Bolt has given a full-on 10/10 review score to MW2, here are some higlights of the review by Jim Girgenti

  • Lives up to the hype, good single-player campaign
  • Single player campaign lasts 6-8 hours, objectives range from Assault, Wave Defense, Elimination, Stealth, Time Based and even a couple of snowmobile races.
  • Specs-Ops missions are challenging, You can play split-screen, online with a limit of 2 players, enemy AI is completely dynamic throughout Spec-Ops and many parts of the campaign.
  • Multiplayer for COD:MW2 gets much better than 1st version, list of multiplayer modes: 

Demolition – Attack & Defend two bombsites (Similar to Sabotage with full re-spawns)
3rd Person Teams – Third Person Perspective with Team Deathmatch, Domination, CTF and Demoliton
Hardcore Ricochet Search and Destroy – Hardcore S&D where friendly fire will kill you
3rd Person Cage Match – 1v1 Deathmatch in Third Person

check out the detailed review here

It always happens that console fan boys start posting comparative images of game screens between Xbox 360 and PS3, so here’s a link to such comparison, also Negative Gamer has come up with an article on few reasons not to buy COD: MW2, well i still have this game off my buying list, but after watching the kind of videos hitting the web, i am re-thinking if i would want to be out of the action for this game, still in two minds whether to buy this game or not.

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4 Responses to Call Of Duty: MW2 gets 10/10 from Gaming Bolt

  1. Havok says:

    Great game, I don’t like the Spec Ops idea but the Campaign and online game play are amazing. However, two things I dislike about online in MW2 are the KD freaks and the Kill streak freaks. It may be fun to get a chopper gunner or a Harrier strike but concentrating on that next kill and making sure you have a high KD just makes you flip out when you die a few too many times. For the said people out there a word of advice to be better. Just have fun with the game it is just a game after all.

  2. vladimir pugachev says:

    Have you geeks actually played this game? The multiplayer version is NOT better than the first version.
    It is a great game,but it is spoiled by the fact that they have taken dedicated servers out of the equation, so you can’t choose where to play, which server has the best ping etc, but you get slapped on a server that usually lags like the fat guy on the school run.
    No doubt Infinity Ward are looking down the road to the time when they can charge everybody to play online.

  3. leo says:

    fuck you assholes……………….. its so way better then MW1 ……….. FUCKING IDIOT!

  4. Jhon michal says:

    i love this game…when i use modbox my game boost like crazy u guys also can get this from MW2 ModBox

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