NASSCOM Animation & Gaming Summit 09

Nasscom Ags

Now some news from the latest Animation and Gaming Summit held by NASSCOM this year at Hyderabad, The session was chaired by Dhruva Interactive’s Rajesh Rao and included Microsoft’s Ashim Das Mathur, Games2win’s Alok Kejriwal, Indiagames Samir Bangara and Sony Computer’s Atindriya Bose, they discussed the current state of gaming development in India which included topics of discussion on Gaming as a career, console gaming, Mobile Gaming and hindrances which currently plauge the growth of gaming in India.

Microsoft acknowledges that it has spend quite some time in the Indian market and after three and a half years presence for Xbox 360, the high price of the console resulting out of heavy import and custom duties is a concern for MS, also Ashim commented that the anti-gaming mentality that still prevails in the minds of the parents forces them to think that games would spoil their children and they do not think gaming to be a stable career option for their children, talking about the Xbox Live service he said that they were happy to see Broadband service penetration growing in India also at the same time the quality of service offerd by the ISP’s is getting better by the day, which is an important factor to drive XBL subscriptions ahead.

Rajesh Rao also sounded positive with his opinion about gaming industry in India citing the increasing adoption and consumption pattern related to gaming amongst youth today, all gaming verticals have a healthy change to grow further and there are many mid-size and small game development studios in the country fuelling this growth.

Also Alok Kejriwal, who runs one of leading online gaming company in India, Games2win one of the leading advergames portal in India, he is happy enough to see the trend of corporate advertising growing through the channel of online gaming, which he feels is unique for a consumer becuase this meduim offers a higher level of interactivity through online games associated with the brandsin.

Samir Bangara expressed his concern on development of mobile gaming, in spite of ever increasing mobile subscriber base in or country, only 40% of the mobiles are capable of downloading games, with 25% consumers aware that their mobiles can download games, and finaly it trickles down to just 5% of these consumers downloading games, piracy is another issue even mobile gaming is suffering to, with games being easily loaded into mobiles just like pirated music by many retail vendors, commenting on the market situation for Sony’s PS2,PS3 and PSP he said “”We are selling consoles in India at 30% more cost with 20% less features to 50% less-earning people as compared to the global industry. Also, piracy is a major challenge for us.”

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  2. Nice post! This is nice that meduim offers a higher level of interactivity through online games associated with the brandsin.

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