Controversial Modern Warfare 2 Video raises possibility of sales ban in Australia

It’s Just 8 days to go for the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the controversial video leaked on the internet has raised many eyebrows, especially in Australia where certain groups are demanding ban on sale of COD: MW2, they think promoting terrorism through games should not be advocated, as the controversial video aired on the internet showed civilians murdered brutally and left lying in pool of blood, it seems there are very few takers among the critics to the “shock” factor offered by Infinity Ward studios.

Australia has MA15+ as the highest game rating available, and Electronic Frontiers Australia, Nicholas Suzor, is using the controversy to call for a new R18+ rating for such games released in the country, however irrespective of ratings assigned, the popularity of this series is such that no one can guarantee whether the parents would be able to stop kids from playing this game, more on this issue here, an article from kombo

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