Xbox 360 ringing in the green bucks

September NPD Sales figures crowned PS3 on top of sales chart for a complete month after a long time, however they also found that in terms of dollar sales Xbox 360 grew by 32% in it’s contribution to video game revenue, Microsoft spokesperson David Dennis quoted on this sales figure announcement that Microsoft had around $404 million consumer spending on Xbox 360 which is $100 million higher than PS3 and $120 million greater than Nintendo, also MS has being criticized for heavily pricing it’s accesories and ripping consumer money by forcing them to buy additional accesories to enhance their gaming experience.

Sony had once pointed out that Xbox 360 was a device sold by MS with high faliure rate and with high priced accesories, it termed MS to be a witty businessman selling of cheap grade product coupled with expensive add-ons, however the sales figure here too show advantage to MS, the accessory attach rate for Xbox 360 is being touted at 4.1, 2.2 for PS3 and 3.4 for Wii, on which MS is confident that it is not just limited to hardware sales, today the gaming industry is looking at revival through active spending by gamers, there is no point when a consumer buys the hardware packed with some free game title and does not spend on anything else ahead.

Commenting on the graphical poweress of PS3, MS has a different take here, it brings the debate back to third party games which have being developed both for Xbox 360 and PS3, in the visual comparison’s the third party games have looked better on Xbox 360, which could be true to an extent considering a third party game developer does not code the game for PS3 based on its cell processing power, they way in which Naughty Dog studios did for Uncharted 2. MS also states that it is more important in current times for third party games to register good sales to revive growth for gaming industry as a whole, now MS opinion on this front is in line to a impressive exclusive game titles for PS3 in the pipeline like GT5, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, anyways there are rumours doing rounds that the next version of Xbox 360 is expected to surface by 2012, AMD is beleived to have won GPU contract for Xbox 360’s succesor.

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