What’s holding up Xbox 360

Uncharted 2 has clocked sales of around 300,000 units on day one in America, becoming the 3rd fastest selling game for PS3in America, and the success of this game title has triggered a new debate, if Xbox 360 is responsible in holding up PS3 to unleash it’s full gaming power, yes to some extent it is true because the developers for Uncharted 2 – Naughty Dog claim that having a HDD and a Blu-Ray disc did help them to work on the kind of detailing of environment in the game, pushing realism to a new level and the cell power of PS3 ensured that all this was handled smoothly, the developers say Uncharted 2 would have not been what it is without the hardware power of PS3.

So now gamer’s are debating that all the multiplatform games sold both on Xbox 360 and PS3 have to be developed keeping in mind the limitations of Xbox 360 in delivering high end graphics, fitting a game in DVD 9 format without compromising on quality of visuals in the game is tough task for developers, also Xbox 360 has a major portion of hardware selling under the Arcade Pro version which is without the HDD, and too much focus on Unreal engine 3, and use of recycled engine in games like Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST and Fable 2, these are some factors holding up the Xbox in delivering the goods. so it boils down to the fact that some game development firms blame Sony for it’s complex device, since few developers do not want to spend more time creating games which are a visual treat for gamers, they prefer launching multi-platform games in a short period, Gears of War and Halo 3 did set new standards for Xbox 360 games, however it remains to be seen how fast can Xbox 360 deliver the graphic excellence in comparison to PS3’s hardware.

However Microsoft beleives that it did anticipate a jump in sales for PS3 post the price cut, it is still confident of beating Sony in sales and Microsoft has raised doubt on the longevity of the current price cut model Sony is following, they say Sony was already reeling under a huge loss before the price cut, so the amount of losses piling up now would be greater than before, it’s not just the hardware sales that matter, Microsoft continues to stress that it has build a stable model of revenue earnings both for developers and for Xbox 360 divsion.

However right now the question what gamer’s would be having is that is it Microsoft which has prevented them for experiencing next gen graphics in the games they play

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