Handheld console gaming showdown up ahead – 2010


iphone is proving to be a serious competitor to the current lot of handheld console gaming devices, with the growing number of game downloads at the app store crossing sales figures of game titles sold by handheld game console manufacturers like Nintendo and Sony, Nintendo is rumored to be partnering with nVidia on the next-generation hardware, so Sony is also planning to maintain itself in this race for supremacy, Imagination Technologies had announced launch of a new technology on which the next gen PSP 2 would be based, which is PowerVR SGX543 at CES 2009, this chip has enough power to leave performance of integrated graphics chip on your PC, further testing on this chip has shown better resuls, this development comes in the wake of many handset companies switching to handset offerings slated to come with HD display in future, so when we talk about HD display, it’s very much sure that the handset would need that kind of power boost to handle complex graphics processing, so it’s for sure Sony is realising it is not just the iphone but other handset manufacturing companies like Nokia, HTC, Plam Pre 2, RIM Blackberry and Samsung which are in fray, there is always a possibility of these handsets turning into gaming devices, and if we talk of the Indian markets, these multi functional devices would get a wider acceptance considering that mobile gaming market device in India is growing very fast.

Sony PSP2 is slated for release next year, late in 2010, no one knows for now how the market would shape up ahead for hand held console gaming market.

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