MMO Game player Stabs a girl

A Swedish teenager nearly killed a 15 year old girl out of rage, why? because he was playing warcraft online, and his internet connection conked on 9th August, unable to play he got frustrated and got out in rage with a knife and stabbed a girl walking by with his kitchen knife, luckily the stabs were non-fatal and the girl survived the attack and this teenager has being sentenced to psychiatric care.

The teenager however did not have the intention to murder the girl but he did loose his senses and committed this act of crime, it is really scary as to how our life in the virtual world in massively multiplayer online game has horrible consequences, there have being multiple instances around the world where parents have faced violent and aggressive behavior from kids, stealing, running away from home.

Following are few instances of violence of a excerpt from an article by

Stabbing in Australia

In October 2008, ABC News in Australia reported that a 21 year old student named Zhenghao Shen had been charged with causing grievous bodily harm and refused bail by the Australian Capital Territory Magistrates Court. He had been playing World of Warcraft with four friends when the victim asked him to turn down the volume on his computer. Shen ignored him and the victim asked again and again before becoming frustrated and challenging Shen to a fight. Shen apparently stabbed him in the head with a chef’s knife and severed one of his fingers.

Clan Warfare Beating in Russia

Back in January of 2008, Russia Today reported that a 33 year old man named Albert was beaten to death in the streets of Ufa by members of a rival clan from an MMO game. Gamers in their thirties, the Platanium clan apparently sparked the argument when they killed a rival member of the mostly student Coo-clocks clan online a few days before New Year. The two clans engaged in a bitter war in the game which led to them agreeing to settle the dispute by meeting in the real world. One man was charged with murder after the attack, but Albert’s sister Albina reported that the rival clan continued to send death threats to her family.

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