Transformers: Revenge of the fallen Game Review (Xbox 360)

I was not a Transformers fan until I was impressed by the second part of the movie, which had more robots, more metal grinding fights, my review is for the Xbox 360 version of the game, I had a look at some you tube videos on the web for the game play action from Transformers ROTF, which made up my decision to go ahead with the purchase of this game.

Developed by Luxoflox the game has interesting tutorial mode to begin with, you either choose to be an Autobot (heroes) or the Decepticons  (villains), I choose the Autobot campaign, and began my tutorial mode playing the Bumblebee, the tutorial mode is fast to play and fun as well, with assisted markings on targets to be completed for tutorial, you can re-play them to better your tutorial timings, which also earns you achievement points, as the tutorial timings are divided in Gold, Silver and Bronze timings.

In the tutorial mode, you also get to play Ironhide and Arielbot, you would get acquainted with fighting styles of these Autobots, their melee and heavy attack combos, it’s cool to watch them transform into vehicles and planes and back to their original form while fighting out the Decepticons in tutorial mode.

The campaign rolls to the main story from the tutorial mode, set in Shanghai, China. Ironhide is sent on this mission to prevent Decepticons from escaping and defeating Sideways one of the Decepticons , on this mission he suffers some damage and goes missing on Optimus Prime’s radar, Ratchet Is sent to rescue Ironhide, which furthers expands to 2 levels of fighting with Decepticons ensuring, which next brings on Optimus prime to battle Demolisher, this fight took a long time to finish, was almost like a boss fight, then you get to play Breakaway Autobot to restore nest communication system and clean up the remaining Decepticons before leaving Shanghai,  from here campaign story treads on the lines of the movie plot, showing Decepticons planning to resurrect Megatron from the Laurentian Abyss.

Level 2 of the campaign starts off with Bumblebee mission to secure Mikaela Banes, who possesses the All Spark fragment, once you are done with this mission, the next part you play Ratchet who is involved in a mission to secure some engineers at an oil refinery under attack from Decepticons, and now the level I am currently playing is the level where I get to play Ironhide once again escorting a NEST unit to safety at West Coast Canal, I’m finding this level hard to clear, too many Decepticons and Ironhide is not as swift as Bumblebee in his attacks.

Talking about the game play it offers a good variety in attack combos, plus you get to play different characters at different levels and the combat upgrades can be purchased for the characters you play as you progress in the game levels in the form of ‘campaign points’ and energon, transforming into vehicles and shooting is not easy, I found it difficult to maintain my speed and aiming accuracy while being in the “transformed” mode, also camera tends to get shaky during some action sequences which did annoy me at times, also you need to time you charged up attack combo well that is unleashed when you return to Autobot mode from the transformed mode of your vehicle.

Destroying billboards, electric poles, smashing fences, landing with a massive thump on buildings and rooftops, climbing buildings, is visually pleasing and gets you the feeling of being under that robot metal skin, this game is not high on storytelling and lacks an extended game play, but multiplayer should be fun, I am yet to try that on XBL, single player campaign has time based mission accomplishment achievements which prompted me to play few levels twice, thrice bettering my previous time and gaining extra energon’s and unlocking achievements, which could be boring for some, I never mind a repetitive Decepticons bashing, it in a way helped me control my Autobot characters on the controller.

If you are a die-hard transformers fan, it’s a must play and for transformer noobs still this game provides enough excitement to pump the adrenaline in your fingers, passing on to your controllers, and ‘transforming’ into a exhilarating gaming experience.

Game Pros: Excellent visuals, destroying structures is fun while on the run, short cut scenes (thank god), multiplayer

Game Cons: Slightly buggy game play, edgy camera work in some fights, controls would take some time to get comfy with

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