Is Batman: Arkham Asylum Overrated? NO!!

A Gaming Vice article by in the company of Half-Life and Grand Theft Auto, the author also feels that BAA does not offer any potential of applying your minds while playing the game.

I Disagree to the author only on the fact that the Gaming industry has had a dry run for almost first half of the year, with games released earlier this year could not catapult themselves into the big leauge of sales chartbusters, the Bat has possibly brought out the best he could, he is not a super hero with the body of steel like Superman, or having regenrative abilities like the Wolverine,

I am impressed with the detailing of the Arkham environment, and about the lightning effect flaw pointed out, it’s not kind of flaw but the need of the game environment, because if Batman has to take down baddies silently or swoop on them from the top of Gargoyles, you need that kind of environmental set up which allows the Batman to play the perfect detective.

The game play related to Boss Fights is something most game development companies cannot do much for now, the recent titles i have played mostly Prototype and Wolverine also were plauged with similar problem, a game title can bank upon a particular innovation which no other game could have had earlier, however somewhere the developers have to stick to the conventional development strategy to pace the game evenly, it’s like you watching a movie, there would be defining moments in the movie that could make it a big hit, however it would not have such defining moments from the first frame to the last, at least in my experience of the 7% game which i have completed up to now, i have not exeprienced a buggy AI and other annoying character bugs that interrupt your gaming fun with Batman Arkham Asylum.

My opinion for the Batman Arkham Asylum title is that it is one of the AAA grade release and is getting the attention it is worthy of, it is true that it cannot be crowned the killer game title for Year 09 becase Halo ODST and Modern Warfare 2 also are in the pipeline.

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2 Responses to Is Batman: Arkham Asylum Overrated? NO!!

  1. The Don says:

    I think you missed the point of Tony’s article…

    he loves the game, but it in no way deserves to have a 9.2 rating…

    this would suggest that it is better than inFAMOUS – which couldn’t be further from the truth…

    a true score for Batman AA would be around 8.4-8.7 range as that is in the “very good” category….

    as great as this game is….it just isn’t a classic….

    • bhautikjoshi says:

      Hey Don
      I appreciate Tony’s personal view’s on the game, as in my case, i am an avid Batman fan, so for me the game is on a higher side in terms of my personal rating, i agree the game could fall in the rating range of 8.4 – 8.7 of combined reviews from gamers across.

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