There’s something about……Xbox 360

The dreaded Xbox 360 red ring problem is well known with Xbox consumers across the world, still Game Informer has come up with a startling survey results, which quotes Xbox 360 failure rate being 5 times than that of PS3 and Wii, Red Ring breakdown accounts 54.2% of console faliure for Xbox 360 which is actually disturbing figure, whereas PS3 faliure rate is 10.6% and Wii stands at 6.8%.

5,000 readers responded to Game Informer’s print edition survey, now in spite of this problem Xbox 360 stands high in terms of 40% survey respondents show hourly usage of 3-5 hours a day, 2nd spot closely occupied by PS3 at 37% and Wii usage is almost as low as one hour in a day which accounts to 41.4% of users

The third part of this survey alo paints a grim picture for Xbox 360 in an important area of customer service, where it claims Microsoft taking nearly a month to repair or replace a console, however i would disagree to this point, an indian gaming site earlier carried out the customer service review of console companies in India, and it found Microsoft being more responsive than Sony and Nintendo in India, and personally i had a prompt experience with Microsoft customer service, where my console got replaced in a 10 days time, and thankfully i have had only 1 console replacement in my 1 years ownership of Xbox 360.

There have being reports of the new Jasper chip Xbox 360 also falling to red ring problems, what i feel is that MS cannot take this problem lightly just because PS3 is lagging behind in terms of sales numbers right now, they need to put their act together and iron out the red ring problems before ‘Natal’ goes live in the markets, since it has generated lot of excitment with the gaming community.

The big finding of the survey comes in the form of a SHOCKER, only only 3.8 percent of Xbox 360 owners said they’d never buy another Xbox because of hardware failure, so the green bucks are still flowing in from the red rings for Mircrosoft !

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