Not so impressive: Batman Arkham Asylum PS3 Demo review

batman arkham asylum

Negative Gamer has rated down Batman Arkham Asylum PS3 demo being poor on hand to hand combat fun and stealth mode in the game being too tacky, the review points out that there is nothing too cool about playing the game as the “detective” bat, check the review here, well i am not going to be fazed by such reviews, being a die hard batman fan, frankly i have never got to play a good batman game on my PC, just played a 64 bit console game years back at some video game parlor, this title is surely on my buying list for the year to be played on my xbox 360.

I was eager to download demo for this game today, but the size of this demo on XBL is too big, i would rather prefer buying the game when it launches here in India.

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