Are we there yet? – When is PS3 gonna break even for Sony
Sony seems to be still taking a hit on PS3 sales by 10% based on Sony’s earnings report announced on May 14th, CFO Nobuyuki Oneda states that the PS3’s cost to Sony is still about 10% higher than the system’s price. This is current as of the end of March.what is also worrying Sony is the fact that PSP sales also are not so impressive as compared to Nitendo’s DS, it is planning to fuel PSP sales by making the system capable of playing PS3 and PlayStation software as announced, which remains to be seen as to what sony means by this.

Hardware sales for the PS3 were also down, at 127,000 units compared to 187,000 units in April 2008, with envelope-pushing PS3 games like inFAMOUS, MAG, and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on the anvil, Sony hopes to revive console sales numbers for PS3.

This is what Patrick Seybold (Sony Computer Entertainment of America senior director of corporate communications) has to say about PS3 “”We often hear from our customers that they’re surprised by everything the PS3 does in addition to what they purchased the device for – including features like DLNA, free access to Wi-Fi and internet browser,” said Seybold. “In some ways, this serves as a reminder that there’s more we can do to relay the full breadth and power of the PS3.”, were they sleeping till now, gamers have being shouting about this for lon.

Sony is expecting 30 per cent increase in PS3 unit sales levels to 13 million, up from 10 million in the most recent fiscal year, this outlook supports expectations for a PS3 price reduction this year, likely at some point between the E3 industry conference in June and the end of the summer, as Sony is able to reduce PS3 production costs.

Really wonder how far Sony is going to stay hopeful about PS3

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