Waiting for a Cricket Game in 2009


It’s being long that cricket fans have waited for a new cricket game, there are rumors on the internet about games from Codemasters and EA this year making it to the stores, but not much has being heard from both these companies, i like Cricket 07 a lot and wished it could have being launched for Xbox 360, sadly it only made to PS2 on the consoles, Cricket 07 offered higher level of modifications, with IPL patchs available for EA Cricket 07 on the internet it further adds to the fun, customizable player faces, cricket kits, jerseys and in game music and much more.

Check out this article from Gaming Indians which has dug out a picture gallery from the website of an Indian Animation company – Trine Animation, it’s not known whether these images are for EA’s project or for Codemasters, well looking at the images it seems that it could have being outsourced by EA to this Indian animation company, as from the website of Trine Animation i got to know that this company is also working on a Game project called ” Streets of Mumbai” on the lines of NFS, it has a animation video of Raj Comics Characters as well, Super Commando Dhruv, Doga, Nagraj and Fighter Toads.

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One Response to Waiting for a Cricket Game in 2009

  1. younis says:

    In cricket game 2009 I want to show real faces,bodies,feelings and actions of players and empiers. Show the real and true feelings of a player when he performs well or bad. When a bestman make a fifty show his good performance in replay. When a bowler take three or more than three wickets show his good performance in replays. Show the real pitch,ground,stadium,ball,caps,hats,halments and shoes greater than cricket 2007.

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