Gaming Industry Deserves respect

I am a passionate gamer, and i play games i like, it does not matter even if i play superhero games at my age, though my family members think it is kind of abnormal, but i don’t care and i do not oppose this view of my family, it’s their outlook and the impact of Indian social values which labels a grown up guy playing games as a crackpot, which is not the trend in the west where majority gamers fall between age group of 18-35 years.

These views have also being expressed by David Gosen, Xbox 360 Marketing Manager for Europe, who feels that gaming industry needs to be given status equal to hollywood film and music industry, check out the article here, some excerpts from the article ” “It frustrates me that from a public standpoint, the industry still hasn’t got the stature, credibility and cut through that we all deserve. I still get the sense we’re sandwiched somewhere between corporate bankers and taxmen in terms of society’s general perception. There’s been improvement, but not the quantum leap there should have been. We should be as loved as hollywood is or the music industry is. Yet we are not. That’s not because people aren’t trying. But there seems to be a barrier of acceptance.”

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