Console exclusive titles battle goes on
Sony’s PS3 and MS Xbox 360 continue to battle it out in order to display supremacy in the exclusive game titles, recent developments at Capcom and Sega have shown Xbox 360 leading the race, i am no hardcore xbox 360 fanboy, but i feel sorry for PS3 that Sony still does not understand what the gamers actually want, it continues to stay arrogant, churning money out of PS2 console sales, to keep the development of PS3 console alive, cannot say how long this would help.

A Capcom official fiscal report release has shown that it has lined up 15 game title releases for Sony PS3 and 12 for Xbox 360, for year 2010, it has again a list of 13 releases for PS3 and 12 for Xbox 360, at the same time SEGA has announced release of remixed HD version of their classic game titles like Phantasy Star II, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Altered Beast, Comix Zone and Shinobi while the PS3 and 360 both get Gunstar Heroes.

With Xbox 360 already having an impressive lineup of game exclusives and a decent flow of DLC’s available on the XBL network, PS3 is in for a big showdown, with Wii sitting pretty on top of sales charts, the debate has now shifted on the game developers, is it that these companies are shooting on their own foot, in these times of the economic recession, releasing exclusive game titles does not make sense, in case they want to look at impressive sales numbers, it’s multi-platform releases that would find more buyers and just in case if a game title fizzes out and fails to excite the gamer’s atleast these game companies would be able to recover some cost of game development.

You can read the articles here on Capcom and SEGA

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