Shooter video games sharpen vision – a true experience

Video games

This piece of news doing lot of rounds on the internet, newspapers, television and has given a reason for gamers to justify playing gears of war, or CoD series and other popular shoot’em up game titles, well this research shows that gamers hooked up to shooting games are much better off in improving their night driving skills, well there has happened such incidence with me as well, which was kind of a near death experience last year in October, i was driving to office and there is a big strech of road in Kharadi from a turn left through nagar road, one part of the road has bushes grown on the road divider, you need to be extremely careful driving in the right lane, as you may miss watching a pedestrian walking past the bushes on the divider, or a biker or a car may slam on you in case you are not watchful.

I was zapped when suddenly a bull showed up from the bushes running and crossing the road, was about to crash in front of my car in case i would have slowed down, i was confused for a split second and thought of speeding up instead of stopping, i dodged the bull running by swiftly turning my car fast from the right to left lane, as i watched the last time in the rear mirror, no vehicle behind me, i just got saved from a crash in the nick of time, then i saw again in the rear mirror that the bull ran across because another bull in the herd hit him which drove that bull mad.

It was no heroic attempt but i think my reflexes did help me save my self, and to some extent i consider this improved reflex system of my mind has being nurtured due to my gaming hobby, it the brain does calculate fast and decision making skills do improve.

Post your say on this, has gaming helped you in anyways?

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  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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